Came Domotic 3.0

Came Domotic 3.0

The Came home automation system features a particularly innovative architecture that makes it easy to install and use. It can be expanded and offers never-before-seen levels of performance.
In addition to the home automation modules, designed to offer comfort, safety and savings, the heart of the system is the ETI/DOMO system server, home to the intelligence that monitors all the equipment installed.
The service is connected on one side to a LAN (Local Area Network) to take advantage of all the characteristics of speed and extension, and on the other to the field bus reserved for home automation modules, where the latter communicate between each other automatically and securely.
The system can be managed and controlled thanks to the connection via LAN to the server belonging to the new TS7 and TS10 terminals. Alternatively or in addition to the touchscreen terminals, it is possible to connect to the system server via a Wi-Fi connection with mobile devices (tablets, smartphones) equipped with a specific app that has the same graphic system control interface as on the terminals.

The home automation that improves your lifestyle habits

From automation to lighting, from video entry systems to temperature control and burglar alarm systems, all the devices are designed to offer maximum comfort and safety. You can enjoy your home, even when you’re not there.

Create your own scenario

With the new Came Domotic 3.0 home automation system, it is your home that adapts to your lifestyle. It will come to life, a place equipped with an intelligence that you can manage according to your habits, even when you’re out. Choose a new way of living and put technology at the service of your life: save time and energy, gain wellbeing and safety.

The technology that adds value to your home

Came Domotic 3.0 adds value to your home.
At the centre of all the devices is Came’s focus on technological innovation and design, always sophisticated, 100% Made in Italy. Came Domotic 3.0 offers an advanced, comprehensive, integrated and modular home automation system, able to adapt to your lifestyle habits.

Comfort is automatic
We start from the simple movement of your gate to reach, thanks to the extreme flexibility, integration and adaptability of the devices, an advanced, global home automation concept, able to coordinate everything that can be automated, in and out of the home, to improve the quality of your life.

Many solutions, only one that is ideal for you
With Came Domotic 3.0, you can create customised scenarios that allow you to operate multiple devices at once, with a simple tap on the touchscreen, all in a simple, user-friendly manner: you can ensure comfort and wellbeing with a single command.
Just back from work and want to enjoy a totally relaxing evening?
By activating the set scenario from the convenient touchscreen, in just a few minutes, the system will respond to your needs by adjusting the temperature in the rooms, lowering the lights and turning on your favourite music.
Result: your home and the space you live in achieve maximum added value.

No worries
Wherever you are, you can choose to connect easily to your home, using the internet connection on your smartphone, tablet, PDA or PC. You can perform a quick video-screening of your home, check power consumption, turn on irrigation or raise the temperature in the rooms, in anticipation of your return.